Sunday, March 16, 2008

Weekly Winners

My (late) Weekly Winners this week are all nature photos :)

This is the state of my flower garden....

and this dead rosebud looks like it was flash frozen last year. Kind of beautiful actually :)

This is one of the areas that Mischief and I walk in a lot....

and this is the first sign of spring growth that I've seen so far.

This is the best water drop photo I have been able to take.

I am frustrated and I can't seem to get my camera settings right. Does anyone out there know approximately what settings I would need to make a decent water drop picture? I believe I took close to 75 of them, trying all sorts of camera settings and I'm just not liking them.


secret agent mama said...

What kind of camera are you using?

Great nature shots, totally!

Gloria said...

I have a Sony H9 camera. It has auto, program, shutter, aperture, and manual settings, it's just a steep learning curve from my basic point and shoot :)

(Olivia) said...

Nice pictures!

Sorry, I don't know much about cameras. I feel accomplished if I can find the flash, lol.

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