Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tell Me Thursday

Here is the link to my Wordless Wednesday photo.

I took this photo while out taking Mischief for a walk. He is becoming a little less irritated when I stop a million times and make him stand still so I can shoot :)

We have pine cones all over the place here and I usually don't think anything of them, except when I'm walking through the grass and step on one wrong and it tries to trip me :) That day instead of looking at the whole picture, I decided to look at some of nature's elements individually and see if I could make them interesting.

I like the way I shot with the front one in focus and everything else blurred out. I have been having trouble focusing on certain things and not others. A lot of the pictures from that walk didn't turn out because of the focusing thing, but this one I really loved.

So there you have it, and if you want to see others explanations of their Wordless Wednesday photos, hop on over to Tell Me Thursday.

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