Saturday, March 08, 2008

Unique's Photo Challenge - Macro

I've been practicing my macro shots today and finally came up with a couple usable photos. Its been hard though, they are either blurry, or the background is in focus but not the item, or too much light or not enough, the list goes on.... Here is one that I liked....

They have a 4th of July carnival here and have all those booths where you can buy things. Last year me and my daughter went and I loved these wooden roses. They come in all colors and some are sparkly etc etc. So we each got 6 of them. This picture turned out so clear you can see the dust on the rose... lol. Guess I should have cleaned them before taking photos of them :)

Here's another picture just because I liked it, lol :)

For more macro shots, head on over to Unique's Photo Challenge.


Sarakastic said...

Wow you sure have an eye. I've never really taken an artistic picture in my entire life, but it's something to aspire too.

CindyPTN said...

I really like the multiple roses laid out on black. There's something neat about a black background and the play of shadows on color.

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