Monday, May 26, 2008


We had huge thunderstorms last night. Now I don't usually go outside during storms but last night I was already out, and so got to witness one of nature's greatest marvels.

I took these photos of these huge and angry clouds overhead. There is a lot of noise in the pictures, my camera doesn't do well in low light situations. But I think they give you a little taste of what my storm was like. Try as I could, I could not get a picture of lightning flashes, oh well, maybe next time. We are in tornado and storm season now so it's just a matter of time :)

It rained buckets on us all night, our yard was flooded, and we even have a storm drain in the middle of it :)

Best Shot Monday

Weekend Snapshot

Weekend Snapshot

Odd Shots Monday

Obviously an overexposed picture. But I like the way the water looks like silk against the tree branch.

Odd Shots Monday

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thursday Photo Challenge - Shapes

Saw this heart shape knothole in this tree and thought it was neat so I had to get a photo:)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

The roses I got for Mother's Day :)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Best Shot Monday

A photo of my daughter and the little girl she babysits. It truly is my best shot because I took over 200 photos that day and only a few came out good. I don't know how people who take pictures of toddlers for a living can do it, I could not get that girl to sit still for anything!

Best Shot Monday

Weekend Snapshot

Love those water ripples :)

Weekend Snapshot

Odd Shots Monday

The reflection of trees on a mud puddle, I thought it looked odd :)

Odd Shots Monday

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Unique's Photo Challenge - Silhouette

Another photo I took when we went to see the Blue Man Group....

Unique's Photo Challenge

Camera Critters

I found this bird and his mate both sitting on my porch rail last week. I don't know what kind they are or anything but these are my first animal pictures that I have taken besides from Mischief, and I thought they turned out well :)

Anyone else having problems uploading pictures with Blogger? I have been trying all day just to get these two uploaded, It's driving me nuts!!

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Unconscious Mutterings

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Track :: Star
  2. Snake :: Skin
  3. Assignment :: School
  4. Blockbuster :: Movies
  5. Bombastic :: Reggae
  6. Adventure :: Trip
  7. First time :: Riding a bike
  8. Aged :: Elderly
  9. Grip :: Handlebars
  10. Shortcut:: Lost
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See It Sunday - Bright

See It Sunday

Weekly Winners

Here are a few photos showcasing the beauty of spring.

Weekly Winners

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Thursday Photo Challenge - Family

My husband and daughter Leanna being silly at Grandma's house....

Leanna hugging Grandma, with Mischief in the shot too....

Inspire Me Thursday - Doors

Picture taken by my daughter, looking down our hallway with all its doors. She told me that she couldn't explain it, she just saw something she liked there. Do I see a budding photographer in her maybe? I don't know....

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13 Things to Bring on a Long Car Trip

1. Snacks of various kinds.

2. A flashlight or reading light to keep the kids busy.

3. CDs of music you actually like for the long drive in the radio station wastelands.

4. A blanket because the husband keeps the car too cold.

5. A pillow because the daughter wont let me use hers.

6. A water bowl and water for the dog (its hard to get him to drink out of a regular water bottle).

7. A pooper scooper for use at rest stops (using a plastic bag to pick it up is real yucky).

8. The TomTom so we don't get lost, again.

9. Books, magazines, fill in puzzles.

10. The cell phone car charger because the family calls every 5 minutes to see how far we have gotten.

11. Water, lots of water (for me).

12. All the luggage, double check the house before you go.

13. The family, although sometimes you would prefer to leave them behind :)

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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I'm Back!!

Did you miss me??

Good news, after some extremely tense moments, grandpa has rallyed again and pulled through. They won't let him come home yet but he is awake and alert, just very very weak.

We didn't want to leave him and grandma, but my husband's leave time was up and I had a job to start when we got back here.

So we're home now, I am swamped with school work because I wasn't able to use a computer/internet while we were gone to research for these papers I need to get done, and the term ends next week.

I also started a new job this past Monday. Yay!! I am the new Juvenile Intake Worker for our county. Basically what I will be doing is whenever a child under 18 gets in trouble with the law I will have to go and do an intake, ask a lot of questions, deal with the parents, decide where the child is to be placed (at home, foster care, or detention) until they go to court. Then if they are placed at a foster home or group home, I will take them there.

Also, any child that is a victim of abuse, neglect, or is a runaway or truant from school, I do an intake on them and place them also.

I am excited about the job, now I just have to wait for something to happen, as it is an on call position.

But anyway, I am here, just buried under stuff, trying to dig out :)

Wordless Wednesday

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