Monday, March 31, 2008

School Obligations

I'm going to try to post as often as I can but I've got a lot on my plate right now.

I'm taking a class right now online, it's called Intro to Criminal Justice. It's a self paced class, and because I'm a procrastinator I haven't done a lot with it lately. Well imagine my surprise when I was looking at the syllabus yesterday and saw the class ends on April 2, not April 15 like I had thought. So I need to bust out some assignments and go take the final by Wednesday. I had 10 to do as of yesterday and now I'm down to 4. They aren't all that hard, just long. Thank goodness I had already written the term paper, lol :)

The good news is that I work well under pressure, as long as I don't start to feel overwhelmed. I will never take another self paced online class again though, because I need those due dates to keep from letting the assignments pile up. I need this class for my minor so I couldn't just let it go even if I wanted to (besides the fact that it cost 400$).

The other two classes I'm taking right now, Substance Abuse and Criminal Investigations, are 8 week terms instead of the normal 16 week semesters. So they cram all the information from the 16 week classes into 8 weeks, which means a faster pace and more work, lol. In some ways I like the 8 week classes better than the traditional because there is no chance for me to get bored because we are always doing things, not just reading the book and hearing a lecture. The assignments need to be done quicker, which sometimes is good and other times bad, depending on how my home life is that week, if anyone is sick, or I have other things to deal with.

In these next 7 weeks, not counting the online class, I will have to write 8 papers or presentations, take 2 midterms and 2 finals, and 7 pop quizzes. Oh yeah, and a lot of reading :)

So it will be pretty hectic around here for a bit. I am also waiting to hear about the two jobs I interviewed for, they said I will be notified either way so we'll see.

I'll try to keep you updated as to my progress, and sanity, lol. I need to find the time to take some pictures, I think I only picked the camera up once or twice in the last week or two.

How do you juggle all the separate obligations you have, like family, school, social, work, etc? I could really use some tips right about now.

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