Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ten Places I'd Take a Tourist To See in My Hometown

Well my hometown is Rockford Illinois, so let's see....

1. Magic Waters - a giant outdoor waterpark on the outskirts of town

2. Cherryvale Mall - a two floor mall with tons of awesome stores.

3. Beefaroo - a fast food restaraunt that serves the greatest Beef and Cheddar sandwiches and Cheddar Fries, yum :)

4. Nickel World - an arcade where each game is only a nickel.

5. Discovery Center Museum - a hands on children's museum where all the exhibits can be touched and played with. We have been there many times :)

6. Midway Village - a real 19th century village and museum, they do civil war reenactments and a really fun Halloween program.

7. Ski Broncs Water Show - a spectacular water ski show done every week in the summer.

8. Rockford Speedway - a quarter mile Nascar racing track that runs from spring to fall and has lots of special events. When we are home, you can expect to see us there every week :)

9. Sinnissippi Park - on the river, in the summer they have the most beautiful rose garden, in the winter there is the Festival of Trees and the Ice Sculpture Competition.

10. Rock Cut State Park - camping and fishing and hiking, you name something outdoorlike, and it can be done here :)

For other peoples favorite hometown places, head on over to Ten on Tuesday.


Juli said...

mmmmm....beef with cheddar and cheese fries!

Kat said...

Great list! I am not sure why I did not think to add restaurants to my list. It's certainly not because I don't think about food. All the time :-)

Gloria said...

You and me both :)

Teena said...

And we're off to Nickel World! Do they take Canadian nickels?

I played too ... come check out Toronto :)

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