Sunday, March 09, 2008

Blog Carnivals

I have recently discovered the world of blog carnivals. The purpose behind them is for bloggers to write on certain topics, post them on their blog and then submit the links to be included in one big blog post on that topic.

So I picked a couple of my posts and submitted to a few of them. Well....

This week I am featured in The Carnival of Family Life.... The Mothers and Daughters Blog Carnival.... The Friday Ark.... and The Canine Carnival!!

Pretty cool huh? I'm just tickled pink :)


Michelle Potter said...

Hey, thanks for testing my Links List; I really appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

Glad to meet you and thanks for joining the Carnival of Family Life!

Joana said...

Ah, I enjoy carnivals too. I usually participate in the Friday Ark, 1001 Cats, Bad Cats, and Carnival of Cats. There are a few others here and there I'll join in on, but those are the regulars.

Anonymous said...

I see a couple that I didn't know about!


Anonymous said...

oh and stop by my blog... I have something for you.

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