Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

Ten things I love... This should be easy.

1. cereal (not just any cereal, Special K Fruit and Yogurt)


3. my sweet husband who always makes me feel special

4. my new camera

5. pizza

6. the feeling of satisfaction when I finish a class (one more closer to the end, know what I mean?)

7. my adorable dog who always makes me feel loved

8. getting into a great book

9. weekends

10. my wonderful daughter who always brightens my day

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Kelly Rigby@ SHE-POWER said...

Ten Things I Love

1. My wonderful husband who always tries to be supportive and understand me, even when I'm being a lunatic

2. My son, who I love more than anything, and who I drive mad with all my kissing

3. LOST!

4. reading a good book on a rainy afternoon all cuddled up on the couch with biscuits and tea

5. Going out for drinks with my girlfriends - just chatting, drinking, and being ME, not someone's wife and mother

6. Writing - very frustrating but so rewarding

7. Travel, especially backpacking around 3rd world countries

8. Mexico - food, beer, sun, culture, ruins, lovely people. What more is there?

9. The beach

10. Sleeping in or even just hanging out in bed snuggling into my pillow

:) Kelly

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