Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ten on Tuesday - Movies

This week its Ten Movies That You've Intended to Watch, But Haven't

1. Juno

2. American Gangster

3. 1408

4. Perfect Stranger

5. Resident Evil Extinction

6. The Great Debaters

7. Georgia Rules

8. Stardust

9. National Treasure 2

10. PS I Love You

I know some of these movies are probably still at the theaters but getting my husband to go to a movie is like pulling teeth. He can't sit for that long in one place. I did get him to the movies though last weekend, although he complained.... We saw Jumper. That was a really good movie, in my opinion. The ending was kind of weak though. I think it left it open for a sequel.

For more movie lists, head over to Ten on Tuesday


Sunfire said...

I'm with you on wanting to see #2, 3, 5, 7, and 9.

Stardust was a beautiful fantasy movie - I loved it.

Feel free to stop by my list!

Jennifer said...

#9 and #10 are on my list. I played along, too. Check mine out & let me know if you've seen any of these!

Jennifer :-)

Nadiyya said...

Rofl. Here's something to chew. I have a broken computer (in which my DVD player is sitting), no money, and an unhealthy fetish for buying things I can't afford, nor do I need. So I bought the American Gangster boxset. No place to watch it, but I have it. It's still sitting in its cheesy shrink wrap. =p

I've never liked sequels - I wish writers / directors would just make a movie with an awesome ending the first time around (if need be, make the movie a little longer). In the sense of sequels and trilogies, The Matrix was such a failure.

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