Friday, February 22, 2008

Fibro Fog

I have Fibromyalgia.

For those of you that don't know what it is, please check out this site, Fighting Fatique. It has tons of resources for people with Fibro and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

One symptom of Fibro is insomnia, which you all know I have been suffering lately. Another is poor memory recall, usually short term memory is affected. It is called Fibro Fog. I am having a fibro fog day. It's usually the stupid things that I can't remember, things I should know, like certain words, and things I said or others said to me. The last one really annoys my daughter, when I ask the same question 3 times in one day.

Today's memory problem is just plain irritating to say the least. I was outside playing with my new camera, and I'm looking for the thing to change the white balance settings, you know, how you change it from fluorescent lights to sunny? Can't find it anywhere, I pressed all the buttons.... I've used it before so I know it is on there. It is driving me crazy!!

Having fibro fog sometimes makes me feel like I'm losing my mind....


Sandy/Fighting Fatigue said...

Thanks Gloria, for mentioning my site, Fighting Fatigue!

Hey - I came over to your site to let you know that you won the contest I had this week to celebrate my 2nd anniversary with the website!

Anyone who left a comment this week, got one chance for each comment left on the site! You left two comments so you got two chances!

If you can email me (go to my About page and you will see my email address there on Fighting Fatigue)your full name and address, I will get your book out to you. The book I will be sending you is "If You Would Just Get Out Of Bed."

Misty Dawn said...

My husband often says that "Misty never forgets anything". That is why I get so upset and frustrated during the dreaded "fog"... I hate it, and I feel like an idiot. I know that if it were any other day, I wouldn't 'not know what I was doing', or I'd know the answer to the question... that is SO frustrating.

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