Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I'm Back!!

Did you miss me??

Good news, after some extremely tense moments, grandpa has rallyed again and pulled through. They won't let him come home yet but he is awake and alert, just very very weak.

We didn't want to leave him and grandma, but my husband's leave time was up and I had a job to start when we got back here.

So we're home now, I am swamped with school work because I wasn't able to use a computer/internet while we were gone to research for these papers I need to get done, and the term ends next week.

I also started a new job this past Monday. Yay!! I am the new Juvenile Intake Worker for our county. Basically what I will be doing is whenever a child under 18 gets in trouble with the law I will have to go and do an intake, ask a lot of questions, deal with the parents, decide where the child is to be placed (at home, foster care, or detention) until they go to court. Then if they are placed at a foster home or group home, I will take them there.

Also, any child that is a victim of abuse, neglect, or is a runaway or truant from school, I do an intake on them and place them also.

I am excited about the job, now I just have to wait for something to happen, as it is an on call position.

But anyway, I am here, just buried under stuff, trying to dig out :)

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