Friday, April 04, 2008

Insomnia and Fibro Fog

I am happy to report that my insomnia is doing better, Lunesta really works wonders. The only complaint I have about it is it messed up my taste buds. Things I loved to eat and drink before I started taking it, I can't stand now, like milk. I have a bowl of cereal (Special K) with a bunch of milk in it every morning because I love to drink the milk afterwards. Not anymore.... all foods taste different now. But it is a case of where the benefits outweigh the side effects, because the sleep is more important to me.

Now the fibro fog on the other hand, after being on the sleep meds for more than a month, the fog should have lifted quite a bit. But it hasn't. I can tell it is taking me longer to react to what others are saying to me, longer to find the words I am looking for (and that looks really bad in a job interview ). Even one of my teachers noticed it. I have had her for 4 classes now so we have interacted a lot in the past and she could tell that I was a little "off" as she put it.

I was doing so well with my Fibromyalgia for quite a long time. I've been on the same combo of medication for a few years now, with minor dosage tweaking here and there. Not to say that I haven't been in pain, because it never completely goes away, but that it was manageable and I was functioning pretty good.

When I went to the doctor for the sleep issue, she tried to take me off of one of my other meds. She said that one, Elavil, should be helping me sleep. I told her no, I take that because it tells my body that I am not in pain and my body believes it. (I've always liked that description, one of my first doctors explained it to me that way.) I know what happens when I stop taking it, first my hips hurt, then my knees and shoulders and wrists, within a couple of days I no longer function because I hurt so bad. It was a huge hassle to try to explain this to her.

Why do doctors always think they know best? I've had this disease for over 12 years, don't they think I know my own body and how it reacts? One would think that they would look in my records and see how many different combinations of meds I've tried and that have failed me. I am not a drug seeker, I don't ask for narcotics or anything like that, because I have found that they don't help me.

But anyway, I wish I knew of something I could do to help my foggy brain, I would welcome any and all suggestions. I hate the way it makes me feel. A lady in a Yahoo group I am in said she "cured" her Fibro naturally after someone mentioned they had it, I wrote and asked her how, but she never responded back. I don't think it is possible to cure it, unfortunately only manage it.

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