Monday, April 14, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!!!

Today I turned 35. Kind of a milestone I guess but I don't feel any different.

So the reason I haven't been around all weekend is because my family kind of turned it into a birthday weekend for me. We spent a lot of time together as a family, something you do less and less of as the kid gets older and everyone has different interests.

Friday we ate at Cracker Barrel, who's Chicken and Dumplings are to die for. Saturday morning we went to IHOP and I ordered stuffed french toast with bananas and caramel on top. It was awesome, just like eating dessert :) Then my husband cooked me dinner using recipes he found. He is so sweet sometimes :)

Yesterday we drove to Wichita (2 hours away) to go see The Blue Man Group perform. It was so awesome!! I've seen videos of them before but it is so much better live. We had floor seats 27 rows back. They were pretty decent seats. Leanna had a perfect view in between people but I had 2 big heads in front of me. Oh well, that is to be expected, lol. I took some pictures and I'll see about getting them up a little later today after I have a look at them.

One thing I have to remember to never do again: Never go to an event with only one camera battery that isn't even fully charged. The camera died on me. So for my birthday I'm buying an extra camera battery (or two).

Question: Has anyone used Ebay or Amazon for camera supplies? I've noticed their prices are cheaper than places like B&H but.... sometime cheap means cheap, know what I mean? I'm scared to shop online sometimes because I don't know what kind of quality I'm going to get. I wish there was a camera store near us....


Lilli & Nevada said...

Happy Birthday to you, oh i wish i could be that age again.

Jenny said...

I'm a day late but Happy Birthday!

tina said...

Happy belated birthday!
Sounds like you had a great weekend.
Hmm I don't really get the Blue Man Group :) But good to hear that you enjoyed them.

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