Thursday, January 31, 2008

About the Freebies (and my Scrap Girls plug)

Oh, and by the way, the freebies that I have listed in the previous posts have all expired. I had a hard drive crash about a month or so back and lost everything I have ever made, and of course I failed to keep my 4shared account up to date so it is no longer there either. But, that's life I guess. You learn the hard way to back things up. (Please back your stuff up!!)

I also lost all the scrap supplies that I had ever bought, and you know what? When I contacted the stores I had bought from, the only one that sent me new links for what I had bought was Scrap Girls. Even though my purchases had spanned about 2 years, I got everyone of them back. Now that's what I call service!! (I have no affiliation with Scrap Girls except that I love their products and service.)

But anyway, see ya later, time for dinner :)

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